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Fit's for Supper?

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Nae Bad Ava £7.99

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Fit Like, Yer Majesty? £6.99

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An introduction

Reading Bus Press has published two high quality anthologies of Doric Verse and a Cookbook that are being sold across Scotland. The latest addition is a beautiful picture book called Millie.

Millie cover


by Sheena Blackhall and Bob Dewar
Edited by Bill Burnet

Millie is the tale of a beloved Dalmatian dog who loves to steal sandwiches. She travels to locations around the North-East of Scotland and has a fine feast of stolen goodies from unsuspecting fishermen, golfers ramblers and posties.

Written in Doric, with an English translation, Millie will be launched on 4th November, 2010. Price £5.99

Visit the Millie website to find out more - web.me.com/readingbus/Millie

Fit's for Supper cover

Fit's for Supper?

The Reading Bus is very excited to be launching its first cookbook, Fit's for Supper? The book was launched at the Royal Highland Show on the 25th June, 2009.

There are 49 recipes and over 140 fantastic illustrations by the renowned cartoonist Bob Dewar.

Nae Bad Ava

Nae Bad Ava!

Nae Bad Ava was launched on 14th May 2009 at a sparkling ceremony at King’s College Conference Centre at the University of Aberdeen. The anthology contains 44 poems from “scrievers” all over Scotland aged from 9 to 92 years old.

Beautiful and often humorous illustrations are again by the highly talented Bob Dewar. Alex Salmond, First Minister, has kindly written the foreword.

Fit Like, Yer Majesty?

This was published on 11th September 2008 at a glittering ceremony at Fyvie Castle. The anthology contains 47 poems from “scrievers” all over Scotland. Vibrant illustrations by renowned artist Bob Dewar, complement the poems. Maureen Watt, MSP, has kindly written the foreword.

Since the launch in September over 11,000 copies have been sold. Following a very successful marketing campaign, Fit Like, Yer Majesty? has reached every continent in the world! Copies are still available to purchase.

Fit Like Yer Majesty cover image